Sunday, December 21, 2014

A forgotten post and other blither blather

While thinking about what to write about this morning I realized I had a few forgotten/unfinished posts. 

I started this one back in August. 
I clearly remember this evening. 
It was hot, humid and green out.

Did you realize that today is December 21st - only four more days until Christmas, but even more importantly our days will start getting longer from here on out. 
Spring is on the way folks!
In just a few weeks we will all be seeing a noticeable difference in sunrise and sunset times. 

On that happy thought I'll tell you that I've begun thinking about my garden plans for this year. 
I'll still do my tomato, peppers, both sweet and hot, onions too. 
I'll be adding brussel sprouts, green beans, pumpkins and try growing jicima.

Have you ever heard of jicima?
It's a root vegetable, sometimes called a Mexican potato. 
My Dad and Jeanne have sent me a few since their visit in October and I am totally hooked on them!
The flavor is unusual almost like an apple. I've been putting them in salads and eating them raw as a snack. 
Fortunately yesterday I found that we can get them in grocery stores here so I bought a bunch and have a nice stock pile of them now.  

Anywho, the forgotten post:

The Hubby finished working on a friends jeep the other day then took Caden and Dodger for a spin in it.

It's a stick and since we don't own any vehicles with a manual transmission he decided to teach Caden how to drive it.
Which every kid needs to know how to do, in my opinion.

They drove up behind the barn and down the run to the front pasture. 
I left the gate open to take pictures and of course those silly horses took advantage of that and high tailed it out to do a little mowing.

He only made the gears grind a few times and picked up the rhythm of gas/clutch quickly.

What fun, eh?


Anonymous said...

I love jicama!! you can get it here in the stores too, although I haven't for years.
I want to try to grow soy beans. or edamame as they are called. we love them. I figure if we can grow beans in the green house, we can grow them.. right?

we are finally getting snow this morning!!


tainterturtles said...

Hi Kellie, great summer photos! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'll call you soon. Sorry for my lack of blog comments.

Nicole said...

I agree that every kid needs to learn how to drive a standard. That's why I attempted to teach Tori this summer and we ran into the tractor. She couldn't find the break.... because she couldn't see it. Don't ask. Anyway sounds like Caden did really well, that's good! I told Tori before she could get her drivers license she has to drive a standard and change a tire.