Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pickles and Cowgirls?

Sunday was quite a day.

I started out pickling my brains out.
12 quarts of kosher dills and 12 pints of sweet and hot.
The recipes state for best flavor wait two weeks on the sweet and hot and six weeks on the kosher before sampling for best flavor.
Don't know if I can wait that long.

The lovely Chyann was impatient for this pickling process to end so she went out and rode Jenny.
 I was just cleaning up the last bit of kitchen when she shows back up.
She is shocked that I'm going to go riding alone now.

Of course I am.
The weather if perfect.
I'm done with the pickles.
Time to ride baby.

Well she can't let me go alone so she is going to ride Scotch.
FYI - it took me 30 minutes to untangle Gypsy's burrs and I only ended up cutting twice, that's pretty good if you ask me. 

We head out and encountered the neighbors cows moving toward the road.
Boogie back home and call him up, let him know what is going on. 
Then we go back out and move the cows back from the road.
We moved those cows all over the place, Chyann and I did.
Scotch and Gypsy never balked or spooked.
Did I mention we were bareback?

The neighbor finally gets there and we begin moving the cows back through the field towards a gate he opened. 

Oh man, I tell ya we had a blast!
Who knew moving cows would be so much fun?
We were real live cowgirls for about 45 minutes and loved it :)



Nikker said...

Yahoooo, what an adventure. Jealous!!

Nicole said...

Oh you'd sooooo enjoy showing a Cutting horse, or even just riding one if you enjoyed that!

tainterturtles said...

Nice job Kellie & Chyann. I always knew you two were cowgirls!