Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rock Fest 2013

We weren't going to Rock-Fest this year.
Really we weren't.
Until free tickets came our way and even then we weren't going to go as
Colton was going to take the tickets.

Then he decided not to go and he didn't know what to do with the tickets.
Well at this point really I HAD TO GO!
Yes, I'll admit that I wanted to go all along.

It was the perfect day.
Hot, but not too hot and low humidity.

Me and the gals.

Before and Slash and Myles Kennedy played we toured the fest grounds and ran into some characters that I had to get a picture with. 

If this dude had closed his mouth in this picture he would have almost been a ringer for Slash!

The real Slash and Myles playing some good music.
Got Colton a Slash tour t-shirt for staying home and watching his sibling.

They also had a zip line thing which we just had to try.
The Hubby (worrier that he is) was totally freaked out about my doing it.
He was just sure I'd be the one the damn thing broke on. 
Not likely, right? lol
He did tell me as we were buckling into the harness' that if I died during this foolish act he was going to marry "X" friend. 
I laughed and said good luck with that. 

Just as I stepped of that platform in the distance my tummy went all butterflyish.
Only for a second and then I was flying!
I wanted to try hanging upside down as I'd seen other people doing and
the operator guy said all you had to do was bring you knees up and over you'd go, but that surely didn't work for me.

Laughing like maniacs we got unhooked.
The rush was incredible!
I loved it!!

Of course the main show of the evening was my favorite:


The first few songs were off their newer album and I don't think the crowd was expecting that. 
They were good, but not the songs you know by heart ~ you know what I mean, the ones you could sing/shout along to.
Soon as they started playing the oldies the crowd really got rolling.
They played for about two hours, it was great!
And the light show?
Never seen anything like it!
A gal told me the road crew was up from 3a until noon putting all the lights and pyrotechnics together. 

Towards the end of the concert they had a Veteran from a nearby town come out. They thanked him for his service to the country and presented this man with a free house!
Then we all sang the Pledge of Allegiance.
How cool is that?!

Favorite song of the night ~ I was made for lovin' you.

A great time had by all!

In other news:
Caden had a blast at the Dell's with the exception of - as he says "being flattened by a plus sized Grandma on the bottom of the wave pool!"

The poor kid has some major scrub rash on his back from the gal sitting on his tummy riding him down the sloped bottom!

He thinks he about drown.
Onlookers assure me he did not.
Talk about scary!
Caden finally freed himself and sputtered to the surface.
The woman was utterly apologetic.
Can you even imagine?

On that note.
Happy Humpday :)


Dar said...

look at you go girl., zip line? brave aren'tcha. and an especially brave Caden you have...poor fella. Glad he got to the Dells tho. It's a rat race but a fun place for the kids. So, have you bungie-jumped yet?
Life is Good

Nikker said...

Wow, sounds like a blast!! (0:
I really loved G'n'R...the original, not the bastardized group. Love Velvet Revolver too! (0: But above all how cool to see Kiss give a veteran a home...watched Family Jewels until they took it off the air. Not a huge fan of their music but Gene Simmons is so fascinating...
Poor Caden and poor Granny, the embarrassment of squishing a kid, yikes...Glad he's ok!

Pamila said...

Gotta say I enjoy your blog, funny stuff.

Nicole said...

How awesome that you wound up going. Looks like y'all had a blast!

SunnySD said...

Completely awesome!