Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chesapeake blue

It took us the majority of the day, but Chyann and I got her room painted.
It's Chesapeake blue.
Looks more like a Caribbean blue to me though.

The ceiling was the worst.
No idea when the popcorn ceiling was put on, I only know that shit is dry and it soaked up paint like a sponge in some areas and flaked popcorn in others as I applied the paint. 
Which led to us having to put numerous coats on and it still does not look great. 
Apparently I should have sprayed the paint on?
Didn't even think of that as I've never encountered this type of problem while painting before.
Live and learn. 

The guys split wood yesterday since it was soo cool - got to start thinking about winter sometime I suppose.
Holy burr tooooo -
We only made it to a whopping 60*!

Speaking of burr's, the horses were out mowing and found a patch of burrs.

Now that is going to be a pain to comb/cut out.
These horses drove me nuts yesterday too.
Usually they will just meander from front yard to the back then up to get a drink of water and repeat all day.
No problem, right?

Yesterday they were everywhere they weren't supposed to be.
Scotch somehow (who left the barn door open?!?!) got into the barn and knocked the lid off the dog food bin and gorged on kibbles and bits.

Gypsy got into the alfalfa and ate who knows how much.

Casper went into the field next door and then decided to not come home.

Jenny got a gouge in her side about four inches long.

AAAH, the joy of owning horses.

These kids are staying in the pen today.
I don't feel like chasing them, I've got pickles to make.

My favorite part of the day was Krissy.
She came for dinner and we had the best time.

I'm going to miss her. 
She is going back home to Alaska next week and may or may not return.

Funny the twists and turns of life.
Sure we didn't talk every day or even see each other as often as we'd have liked recently, but I always knew she was there and if I needed her she was but a phone call away (and just down the road).

I'm hoping she'll get back into blogging so we can keep up with this new chapter in her life.
hint, hint

Feeling blue, Chesapeake blue.


Ami said...

WOW that is a bright bright blue!! I love it!

Hard to say goodbye to a friend. Yeah, you keep in touch (sometimes) but it's never the same.


Do you think if I buy the paint that Chyann would come paint our spare room?

Lisa said...

Oh my! I didn't know she was moving to Alaska again! Is she going alone?

I know what you mean about animals. I'm so glad the goats went to goat camp. It made me appreciate them more. Otherwise I might have sold them and regretted it afterward.

But sometimes animals can be a complete and utter pain in the arse!

Nikker said...

Sorry about your friend leaving, hope she doesn't stay in Alaska!
I like that blue, but not sure I'd like it for MY bedroom though. Oh, to be young again. (0:
I thought only our Hee-Haws ate dog food...I guess now I know that they aren't the cannibalistic weirdo's I accused them of being. (I know dog food's not really made from cast away equines...but it's what I told them when I found them eating dog food.)

tainterturtles said...

Holy buckets, your horses are having a bad week!

I love the picture of you, Caden and Krissy. I hope Krissy comes to visit me soon.

Nicole said...

uck, cleaning stuff out of their manes suck! Holy cow that's cold! And we scraped the popcorn stuff off our ceiling 2 years ago. It was easy and the ceiling looked much better without it I swear! The color she chose though is gorgeous!

SunnySD said...

Gah!!! Burs. HATE them. Pulled up 6 - count them, SIX - bags of the suckers this past week mostly from the cow lot that's between the horses' orchard pasture and the south pasture that we rent. Not my responsibility, but I figure if I didn't do it, no one would and I'd end up with that many or more where the horses would get into them. And there's very little I loathe more than picking bur bits out of manes & tails.

SunnySD said...

Love the paint color, by the way - just got sidetracked by the weeds, lol!