Sunday, July 14, 2013

Last game, stats and cherries galore!

That last game was a nail biter!
To start it off we barely had enough players to have a game, the last one showed up five minutes before the game started - whew!

The coach giving Caden and his buddies a pep talk.

Caden's hit a nice one his first time up to bat that was caught by the outfield - bummer.
Second time up to bat was a HOMERUN!!
YAY Caden!!
The video is alright if you can ignore the crazy woman screaming/shrieking  "go caden go" the whole time.
Third time up to bad, he struck out - bummer, but it does happen.

Final score 9 to 4.

Season stats
9 wins and 1 loss
Runs scored vs runs allowed 92-18
19/24 - hit and got on base 19 of the 24 times he was up to bat
7 rbi - relatively low due to him being first up to bat in the rotation
9 innings 
7 hits
3 runs allowed

Status -  ALL-STAR!

Tonight is the end of season potluck and parents vs kids game.
Should be a lot of fun.

Finally it was time to pick the cherries!

I had an agile tree climber to get the ones high up.

We picked 5.5 pounds of cherries and as soon as I get off this computer am going to make some jam and a cherry pie. 

I was feeling strong yesterday so I took the gas weed whacker out and did around all the trees/buildings and anything else that looked like it needed whacking.
Was feeling pretty good - until I stopped. 
My arms were absolutely noodle-ized.
I couldn't make a fist or lift my arms.
Had to lay on the porch and ponder this weakness for about 20 minutes.

Finally felt like I could move my hands enough to go for a short horse ride with Chyann. 
We rode down in the front pasture.
She sent Jenny over jumps while I slowly maneuvered Gypsy through the cone obstacle course. 
I say slowly because I rode bareback and my damn hands kept having strange muscle spasms - could hardly hold the reins. 

My hands and arms still feel a little funky this morning. 

Anywho, hope you have a great day :)


Nikker said...

Weed-eating, mowing for long periods of time does the same thing to me too. I usually go to to chiropractor the day after to get myself "fixed".
What a stellar season for your boys team! Those stats are just amazing! Even though they "move up" next year, sure hope they can keep it up!!
Mmmmm...cherries!! (0:
Have a good week!!

Nicole said...

Sounds like great stats! And um... isn't it really late in the year for Cherries? I've never had Cherry Jelly/Jam.