Monday, July 8, 2013

It's always fun

when we hang out with Sherri and her family - which we did on Saturday.

Mr Cool, aka Caden absolutely loved cruising the place in a two seater hot rod go cart!

Somehow we squeezed through that opening in the trees

and cruised newly bailed hay fields.

Hell of a nice fireworks display

and a ginormous bonfire!

Even did some midnight swimming.
Ended up leaving entirely too early the next day, but that is the way it goes I guess. 

Chyann had a great time on her camping trip.
She kayaked, rode jet skis, pontoon boats, helped put out a wildfire, drove a gator, swung from a rope into the lake, stayed in the lap of luxury in a new fancy dancy motor home, and probably about a 100 things she didn't tell me. 
I'm so glad she is home. 
Missed her something fierce. 

This week Caden is participating in a hiking program the school is offering to the Ice Age National park
Today he hiked 5.5 miles in the HOT/HUMID weather. 
Good thing he had plenty of water. 
I would have loved to have been able to take some time off to be a chaperon, but couldn't. 
Maybe next year.  

Have a nice evening :)


Nicole said...

Sounds like you guys all had a lot of fun. Yeah too bad you couldn't have chaperoned, I think that could have been fun!

tainterturtles said...

Caden looks pretty cool with his shades on!

Midnight swimming....nice.

Nikker said...

Caden's glass make me think Top Gun!!
LOL!! (0: