Saturday, July 13, 2013

Frustration in abundance

Remember I said about a year ago that our neighbors to the West were going to be putting cattle on their land?

Well they finally did
that means freaking gates.

Gates at every trail head we use for riding.

Now they said no problem with us opening/closing the gates and continuing to ride through their land.
These damn gates are so fracking hard to open/close that I just do not have the muscle to do it.
That wire is strung sooooo tight - unbelievable. 

We decided to walk the horses down the side of the road, it's about a half mile - one way,  to get to the closest trail head.
Yes I say walk because we'd never ridden by the road before.
Never had to because we could just cut through the fields to go out riding.
Did not know how good we had it.

I rode Scotch since I know he'd do better in this type of new situation than Gypsy would and if Chyann had problems with Jenny I wanted to be sure of the horse I was riding.
(fyi the Hubby was almost beside himself with worry over this riding down the road thing)

Fortunately the walk down the quite busy freaking road was uneventful, with the exception of a few LOUD almost frantic whinnying from both Scotch and Jenny to the Shire horses down the road. 
Those big boys were excited to see our horses, pacing back and forth along their fence.

Made it to the trail. 
Do you see the corn on the left?
Not exactly knee high by the 4th of July, eh?
These horses sure knew it was corn tho and attempted to get a bite whenever they could. 
Which in one instance resulted in Jenny flushing out the biggest ass wild turkey we've seen and
as you can imagine spooked her, but not too bad considering she was practically right on top of it.

The ever trusty Scotch's inquisitive ears.
That shady area ahead was actually a bridge over rushing water and the bugs were terrible!

We rode out a few miles before turning around and retracing our trail.

Chyann wanted to ride Jenny back home along the road since Jenny had done so well on the way out, but I wouldn't let her - mean mom eh?

That half mile walk home was hot and uneventful.
We walked past my favorite tree that was blown down in one of the recent storms.
Bummer, some of  Chyann's senior pictures could have been taken at that tree.

I don't know what we are going to do for future rides. 
Put them in the trailer for the 1/2 mile drive to the trail head?
Which would probably be good practice for them since none of them regularly get in it.
Chyann usually has them get in and out a few time a year.
Suppose that is both good and bad.


Guess what?
Had to call Sears again.
This time I need a new motor for the dishwasher as the bearing is squealing.
It's currently still working but making a lot of racket.
I asked about just getting a new one since we've had so many problems with this one and was told if they came out four times for the same issue I would be eligible for a replacement, but since every time they've been out it's for a new issue I wasn't eligible.
With all the money in parts and service calls I probably could have had two new ones.

Cell phones.
Love 'em when they work, hate them when they don't.
Colton dropped his in a puddle running into work during the last big storm and it only works intermittently now.
We are out of contract with our current provider and his girlfriend is in sales at a different provider.
What to do, what to do.
I'll be surfing the web today attempting to find the best deal.

Happy Saturday :)


SunnySD said...

Sounds like you've had quite the eventful weekend already!

Everything's so green there - I'm jealous. Your ride, even with the walk to start and finish, sure looked like fun. Gotta watch out for those turkeys - lol!

Nikker said...

Ugh...Sorry that they made their gates so tight. When we were kids and "worked" riding fence for the neighbor he put in what we called cheaters. I Googled "gate cheaters" until I found what I was looking for. See if your neighbor will let you/your hubby put one up on each gate. They don't hurt anything and really don't get in the way! (0:

Nicole said...

Ha, so I was telling my step-daughter about Knee High by the Fourth of July and her comment to me, is that an adults knee or a kids knee? lol.