Saturday, July 6, 2013

Plans changed

Hope everyone had a wonderful safe holiday!

You know what they say about the best laid plans ~ they change.

Chyann ended up going camping with a friend of hers and her family for the 4th up North.
She's been gone since Wednesday afternoon and is reportedly having a blast! With the exception of getting a blistering sunburn on Thursday, first day out and too cool to wear sun block apparently. Lesson learned though and has been liberally applying it and wearing a t-shirt when swimming.

Colton also high-tailed it out of here for a trip to the cities with the girl friend and her family.

Which left Caden a bunch of fireworks. Ended up casually inviting a friend of his and his folks over for dinner so Caden had a friend to do fireworks with. We had a good time.

We never buy much and nothing fancy. About 25 bucks is my limit, I just can't see throwing that much  money away. I'm cheap like that ya know.

I made the best new recipe for the 4th. Pineapple Pistachio Pie from Mr Food. If you are any kind of a Pistachio fan, this is the pie for you! Delicious!!   I did make two variations from the recipe however: I made a graham cracker crust instead of the shortbread cookie crumb crust and used chopped pecans instead of walnuts.  Side note: the recipe states to beat your heavy cream for 5 to 6 minutes.. Yeah that is way too long~ first go around I made butter instead of a nice fluffy whipped cream. Had to google what the hell "stiff peaks" exactly looked like, so my second go with the heavy cream only took 2.5 minutes to get the required "stiff peaks".  What the hell, learned something new anyhow.

The last home ball game was another win! 9 to 0! I tell you these boys totally rock! I heard one parent ask the coach if anyone would even want to play our team next year and he assured her that yes next year we move up a notch and literally everyone would want to play our boys - so expect an even fuller schedule.
The coach is putting together a baseball boot camp type of thing too, starting after the last game on the 11th. Two days a week  for three hours to practice and fine tune skills. Caden is stoked.

Chyann gets her drivers permit on the 15th. Can you imagine that?

Haven't done any horse riding since she's been gone. Maybe I will this afternoon. Depends if Colton will be around.

Anyhow, I'm off to hit some thrift sales and do the weekly grocery shopping.
Have a great day :)


Ami said...

At your age you should know what's stiff and what isn't.

Just sayin'.


Hope your weekend is a good one!

Nikker said...

LMAO!! Ami's comment almost made me choke on my ice cream!! Too funny!!
I'm SO cheap when it comes to fireworks, that one of Chad's friends actually dropped by a bag of "goodies" and beer...just in case I wouldn't let Chad buy fireworks!
Congrats on the final home game win!! Your boys had a great season!!

Nicole said...

Being cheap is great, seriously. It helps you out in the long run :). So awesome they won the ball game!

SunnySD said...

Reading down from the top - your 4th sounds like a blast, and that pie has my mouth watering. No fireworks here - too dry, although we could hear them up at "neighbors" a couple miles over. They allowed them in town 4th only between 6 & midnight, but not out at the lake, and the surrounding counties had them completely banned.