Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sticky, hot and the wet

Yes, terrible title eh?
True story though.

The humidity has been hovering in the 70's and it's HOT!
Think today's high was 98*.
We have no air conditioning, only way to stay cool is be wet.

Fans hum and growl in my office as I sit in a puddle of sweat, waiting for the next break or lunch to go hop into the pool with the kids. 
The race back to my office and relish being cooler for about five minutes.

The Hubby stated this evening that maybe it was time to invest in central air or at the absolute very least get a window unit for our bedroom. 
He did not sleep a wink last night I swear.
Tossing and turning and waking my cranky ass up.

First awakening occurred when the kids threw open the door screaming "do you hear the coyotes!!!" and
"We've got to get the dogs in!!"

Nope never heard the coyotes, but none the less stumbled outside to round up the scared pups and bring them in the house.
Sounded like the coyotes were right in the back yard too.

Then the tossing and turning began for me.
I hate the TV on at night.
The Hubby requires the TV on at night.
You see a problem here?


Cannon ball!

Handstands and 


Then coming in to build a model when you are so water logged you can't stay in the pool any longer. 

Fun times in a heat wave folks.

Stay cool.


Dar said...

Hasn't the heat and humidity been brutal? Our pool is getting much use too, during this heat wave. Thank God for the window A/C in our bedroom. You won't regret getting some kind of help in that dept.
Love the cherries...are you fortunate to have them in your own yard?
Life IS good, even in the heat.

tainterturtles said...

I'm with you Kelli, no AC at our house either. You should see all four of my cats....sprawled out on the floor and haven't moved all day.

Stood outside in the sprinklers while Ted was watering our gardens. Almost felt like taking ALL my clothes, hee, hee! I'd be the talk of the neighborhood!

Nicole said...

Um... you don't have A/C? Why not?!?! The weather has been the same here and I'm headed to the hayfield tonight... yuck!

Ami said...

I. Hate. The. Heat.

Hope you cool off a bit... and the tv on? Get the man some headphones. YUCK!!