Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Morning coffee


Another week done. 
July is almost over.
The last few days here have felt more like the third week in September since a big cold front has moved in.
Today's high - if you can believe this is only going to be 68*.

Caden's baseball boot camp is almost over.
The Hubby has been helping out and having as much fun as the boys I think.
The boot camp boys are going to play a last game on the first of August.
The kid has had a busy summer and he is talking about wanting to join wrestling.
I don't know where wrestling would fit in the football/basketball schedule.
Seems he is busy enough with all that he has going on, but we'll see.

The lovely Chyann has decided she is going to paint her room.
Which is fine, but you've got to clean it first - which it appears she did after I went to bed last night. 
So when I'm done here I'll be doing a little tidy up for the house and waking her buns up so we can get this painting thing done.
(yeah - let's not even talk about my again stalled bathroom- makes me cranky)
(but really what I'd like to do is scrap all that and go riding, it's the perfect day)

I'm going to make that Pistachio pie again today too.
The incredible shrinking woman Krissy is coming over for dinner tonight.
Think we'll do some Mexican and margaritas with a little pie for a topper. 

I've got a five gallon bucket of pickling cukes, compliments of Sherri, to do this weekend.
Think I'll make those sweet and hot ones again and some regular dill pickles.

Colton is preparing for school already.
Which is FANTASTIC considering last year he had no preparations made until about the week before he left and even then they were half-assed.
He is growing up, putting those responsibility pants on and making me proud.
I've sure enjoyed having him home. 
He is so funny and does the best impressions of random people.


Something you don't see everyday:

My lil' rotten dog Tater.
I looked up from skimming the pool to see her shyly tip toeing around the pool edge in an attempt to follow me as I went around the pool.

Chyann came out and took a few pictures.

Silly pup.

I'm off to find some socks and roll the kid out of bed so we can get this painting done.
Happy Saturday to ya!


Nikker said...

That dog's got some balance, love him!

Nicole said...

Love the dog photo! And with temps so low, how can you stand to be in a pool!?!?