Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday morning coffee

It's nice and cool this morning.
Which feels so good.
Woke up this morning at 5a when the pool pump (which is on a timer) kicked on and started slurping water.
Had to go out and turn it off .

Then of course I couldn't go back to sleep.
My mind starts in on the "what if" crap.

Got Caden off for a trip to the Dells at 7a.
He's going for a friends birthday party.
Should be a lot of fun.

My Dad bought a house in AZ.
He is moving around the end of September.

Waiting on the Hubby to find out when he can take off time in August so we can go see my Mother and Gerry in OK.

My back has been aching.
Too much sitting for the job I think.
Drawing up plans for a homemade stand up work station type thing.
Or maybe just put some concrete blocks under the legs to bring it up until I get something else workable.

The count down for school has begun. 

The trip to Rochester was uneventful, thankfully so as Chyann drove about a hundred miles of it.
She got a little nervy when big trucks were oncoming and behind her, but did excellent.

The doc appt was fantastic!
Her vision is holding steady - if improving a bit to be less nearsighted.
The study she has been in since she was three is now complete.
She was the youngest to ever participate and the last to turn 15 within the study.
Next week all the big doctor brains are meeting in Chicago to reveal their results of the study and  determine which method of treatment results in the best outcome for kids with Amblyopia.
Can you imagine when she began the study her vision in her left eye was 20/2100?
and now it is 20/30!
How about that for miraculous!

 Anyhow a few pictures from the trip, it was a beautiful day for a drive. 

Getting ready to cross the Mississippi River.

Not the best picture obviously, but you get the idea.
Every time we cross the Mississippi I think of Clark W Griswald saying "the mighty Miss, ol' Miss"

Corn as far as the eye can see. 
MN farmers must have been able to get into the fields a lot earlier than those here in WI as the corn we saw was right on track in the growth department.

Some funky hills.

On the subway level at Mayo clinic they've got the most beautiful glass sculptures hanging from the ceiling. 

Happy Saturday folks


tainterturtles said...

I too enjoyed the beautiful cool morning, what a treat!

Wow, you had a busy Saturday. So glad to hear about Chyann and her doctors appt. And she was driving to Rochester??? OMG Your kids are growing up Kellie.

Nikker said...

Amazing improvement in her vision! Glad your trip was safe and you got good news!

Nicole said...

So glad everything went well with the appointment. Wow I'm extremely curious as to what is going on there.