Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday morning coffee

Dang it's August already.
Sure is chilly here this morning.
Had to go find some socks my feet were so cold. 

Chyann and I went riding on Wednesday. 
Instead of the half mile walk to the West to the trail head, we snuck through our neighbors to the East's backyard and then through another neighbors back pasture.
Worked out pretty good. 

Gypsy and Jenny were nose in the air nervy with the new route. 
I had to make Gypsy do some circles and get her brain focused on her feet instead of that invisible tiger she was sure was coming for us. 
As you can see in the below pictures, most of the fields we went through didn't get planted this year due to the wet. 

Damn cows sure put a crimp in our riding areas.
We were able to venture through quite a bit of open fields, but every place we wanted to go was fenced off.

For as wet as it was earlier in the year, it sure is dry now. 

I said good bye to Krissy yesterday afternoon.
She should be on her way this morning.
Safe travels to you my friend.
I am going to miss you so much.

Currently I'm trying not to guzzle coffee as I'm going to the fitness center in town to do some boot camp exercise thing with the Mother of a friend of Caden's in 20 minutes.
Krissy did this class a few times and said it is a bitch.
Lot's of pushups - which is going to freaking kill my hands and shoulder.
I said I'd do this why?

Alright, I'm off. 
Have a good day!


Ami said...

Well, I see you posted this yesterday, but if something makes your physical condition worse, it's not always a good idea. :) And at YOUR age, you should know better. ;)

Nicole said...

tooo bad you didn't live closer to here! There's a benefit trail ride this fall that sounds like fun. So glad you guys are out riding and didn't get in trouble sneaking through pastures :)