Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jennifer Rain

We went up at test rode Jennifer Rain on Thursday

She had been in a few squabbles with the other horses,
which is to be expected and even was the queen of
her own little herd that consisted of a little donkey
and a young mare with a bad front knee joint.
Jenny was a mean ol' gal protecting them from
the geldings that wanted to run them off from the
water/food areas.

Wish I'd have had my camera out to get some pic
of that because here at home Casper and Cowboy
push her around so that she is the low gal in the herd.

Anyhow, I rode Jenny first and she did very well.
The trainer said she is a smart, willing horse and
even though she is a little spooky, with work
she will be a good ride for us.

Here is Chyann putting Jenny through the paces.

Nice relaxed head/neck - exactly what you want to see.

Then there's me.

The trainer said she was ready to go home so we went
up Friday afternoon and got her in the freezing
cold 38* weather.

Burrrrr, how soon we forget
how cold a wet 38*, light wind feels!

When we finally made it home our horses had a loud
rambunctious reunion for her!

I went to bed early with a sore throat and feel like
I'm getting sick. Too bad Chyann has a Volleyball
tournament all day today, I feel like I could just stay
on the couch (especially since when I looked out the
window I saw a few snow flakes fly).


Aunt Krissy said...

Poor you. I hope that your not sick.
Chy looks good on Jenny.

tainterturtles said...

Ohhhh Kellie, I hope you are not getting sick. This weather is too cool for me. Go to bed early!

Chy looks like a natural on Jenny girl.

crochet lady said...

Great pics of you both on Jenny.

Hope you get some rest and avoid the icky sickness that seems to be floating around.

PAK ART said...

When are you going to adopt me? I need a horse. And someone to train it and then let me ride it. I'll be good and help with the household chores, although if you ask Kris, you may not be getting a bargain with me.