Saturday, May 29, 2010

The difference a year makes

A friend of ours called me last year on Mother's day
asking if I was interested in some flowers that she
was dividing and since I love flowers and you can never have
enough I went over and helped her dig them out.

Having no place to put my new treasures we
decided to put a new bed in.

It sure didn't look like much then.

But now?
Can you believe the difference a year can make?

I absolutely love all the different colors.

These looked like they were going to be black.

These are cream, yellow and pink.

The yellow and white have to be my favorites though.
I have a strange love of all things yellow.

Poor Benny, he is a Pomeranian, got a bunch of poop and
pricklers stuck to his hind-end and had to get a trim.
Pretty funny how he will just lay there and let Chyann
cut his hair. Now he needs a good brushing. I'll probably
end up doing that though.

After his cut Beegee appeared to be eating Benny's hair.

Not sure why she would be doing this, unless he got some food
or something slopped on his fur?
(I looked and nothing odd in there)
Benny would just lay there and she would pull out hunks of hair.

Very weird.

Hope you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend.


Dar said...

You have a wonderful bunch of iris there...the near black one is amazing in color but, like we were related or something, that yellow is my favorite one too, me also having a thing for the color yellow...we must love sunshine and butter.
The cream, yellow and pink one is just like the one I got from my Grams many years ago before she passed away, which she got from her Mom and she from hers. I'm honored to have a few of the old standards that have been passed down for so many generations.
Love the way your pooch lays for his trim....very cooperative and appreciative. Cute, Cute, Cute.
I have a cousin ShyAnn...ain't life full of fun.
have a Great Memorial Weekend

Aunt Krissy said...

You got some weird dogs for sure! Your flowers are doing great! I love your zen like flower garden with the rocks and flowers.

Anonymous said...

Kellie,your flower bed is wonderful.
Am proud of you.Will have to send u a picture of my new flower bed.
Maggie May sure looks like her mom and dad.But she would never be nice like Benny is,Its a fight to bath her.Caden Looks so cute.
Kiss the kids for me.
I love you.Mom

PAK ART said...

Your flowers are very beautiful! I've got dandelions now - it's not much but at least they're flowers! I think Chyann should consider vet Tech school when she graduates from HS. She seems so natural with all your animals.