Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spuds, apples and other stuff

The spuds are coming up!
At last count 63 of 99 have shown themselves.

Now I need to get out there and pull some weeds, but with it
being so dry they don't come out easy. Hopefully
we'll get some rain tonight and that will loosen them up for me.

The apples are coming too.
We've had a good sized apple drop, also known as
the June apple drop. In essence the tree produces a hormone
to limit the number of fruits to what the tree can support.

Not sure what the official name of this one is.
These apples will be about baseball sized, yellow/red/pink
in color and so very sweet to eat fresh. Will make a mushy
pie though.

These are the lady apples.
They will get about golf ball sized and are bright red.
I've made pickled apples and candy apples with
these in the past.

Got the lawn mowed yesterday.
Colton used the push mower around all the trees and wore
sandals. Grass was too tall for me to notice he wasn't wearing
shoes otherwise I'd have had him wearing somthing else.

He's got Jolly Green Giant toes.
This picture doesn't do justice to how green his feet were.

Chyann and I rode horses yesterday and today before it
got too hot. We've just been having the best time.
Jenny was a little spooky today due the wind blowing
like crazy, but nothing too bad or I should say nothing
that freaked me out too bad :)

Got the rest of my garden planted.

The pool is up and running and we spent a lot of time in it
yesterday and I'm sure we'll be out there again today.


crochet lady said...

I guess there is one good thing about these hot temps. It sure makes things grow.

Those are some dirty feet!!!

Aunt Krissy said...

You let him in with feet that dirty!? Just think, with a little rain and all this sun your garden will take off!

tainterturtles said...

Your plants look great Kellie. Chris has been taking care of our vegetable garden while we've been gone. I have a feeling our plants will have doubled in size while being gone for one week.

Can't wait to get home....too my own bed!

PAK ART said...

You have sounded very busy! I suggest a rest and a nice swim in the pool. I cracked up at your son's jolly green giant feet.