Friday, May 28, 2010

New Bike

Caden and his new bike.

When we got to the Hubby's sisters place
Caden found this big bike to ride and rode
it the whole time we were there.

It is a West Coast Chopper
with a Jesse James signature on it.

Pretty cool, right?

Caden's cousin didn't ride it anymore and decided to give it to him.

I've been incredibly busy this week helping a friend
clean college apartments that have been vacated.
Most of the apartments don't have air conditioning
and it's been in the 80's, no humidity though so that
has been a plus, still it's hot, sweaty and hard work.

Looking forward to the weekend.
I need to finish getting the garden in, mow our jungle of a
lawn, weed some spuds, laundry galore, ride some
horse, and get into the pool!

Yippee for my Hubby!
He's got the pool almost ready for us.
I think all that's left is for him to put some calcium for
water hardness in it and vacuum!
We can't wait!!


Dar said...

What a cool thing for Caden's cousin to share. I love this kind of generosity. Also yours. Helping clean out college rooms must be a trip...that is welcome to be 'over'.
It's been hot here too and the guys are doing the pool thing this weekend. So is your pool built in or one like ours....portable but doable?
Gotta finish gardens here too this weekend, in between GrandLoves and Graduation parties-3 of them.
Have a great weekend...yours sounds as busy as mine.

Aunt Krissy said...

No humidity? Are you smoking crack?!
I will be glad when your done helping cleaning. We need to go have some fun!