Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Chyann and I are doing a little bit of riding around home
before we take Jenny out on the trails.

Jenny seems pretty solid (so far).
No spooking at weird things (yet),
focused on what Chyann is wanting her to do
instead of having her head in the clouds.

I'm afraid that since she has been so
calm and cool Chyann is going to let her
guard down and when something does happen
to freak Jenny out Chyann wont be ready.
(uugh, I know I worry too much)

What in the world is up with this weather?
Sure doesn't feel like May.
Oh that's right we already had May back in April
and now it's time for the April weather!

It's supposed to rain most of this week, but
the temps are getting warmer everyday.
When it finally dries out I'm gonna have a jungle to
mow out there and it'll be almost time to get
the rest of the garden in.

Around here the last frost date is May 20th,
so most folks usually plant Memorial weekend.

I sure am looking forward to that first fresh tomato!


tainterturtles said...

I can't wait to start planting our garden. I'm planting more tomatoes this year so I can make LOTS of salsa...hot & spicy that is!

Aunt Krissy said...

Tha must be last years pic as it looks like sunshine! Make me some salsa.

PAK ART said...

Have faith in Chyann. She seems like a capable girl. I know it's not Chyann you're worried about though, its the freaky horse! I guess you just have to let it go and see what happens. It's hard.

Kellie said...

Actually this was just the other day Krissy and yes I will make you some salsa, LOTS of it!

Anonymous said...

don't fall over dead but i just read your blog to joe. Chyann looks cute in her shorts. hope you come home to a clean house, don't forget to check the jin and vodka bottles to see if they still have alcohol, or have reverted back to water as i am sure you can remember how that happens.i hope to take pictures of the horse and cows to send to you but i won't send them over the internet as it takes to long ind is to much like work, i will copy them to disk and drop them in the mail.
love us