Thursday, May 20, 2010

It was Hot, the flowers fragrant and the work was stinky

It was a wonderful day here yesterday.

Low humidity and temps in the 80's.
Just the slightest breeze to cool you off,
can't ask for nicer weather than that!

I got busy and replaced most of the screens in the house.
Somehow little fingers, pencils and other assorted things
manage to poke their way through our screens.

The sliding screen door was actually torn up by a
big dog we use to have.
That was Chester, german sheppard, he got hit by a milk
truck a few years ago.
I never got around to replacing the screen.
(was actually hoping if I waited long enough I'd get a
whole new door because that one is really hard to
slide open and closed - it's junk)
So, I put a patch on it.
Very redneck looking, right?

And presto chango, look how nice a new screen looks!
Can't hardly even tell there is one there.
The aluminum screens were the hardest to change
out and that was only because they were so prickly
on my hands. Other wise, it was pretty easy.

After the kids got home from school
Krissy, the kids and I went to Klingers farm & market
and did a little flower and vegetable plant shopping.

The greenhouses were hot!
Kris said I was probably loving the heat and I said yep!
She doesn't like it when the back's of her knees sweat so
she wasn't enjoying it as much as I was.

While we were out enjoying ourselves the Hubby and Colton
were cleaning out our cow barn.
They loaded Krissy's truck up and started a new compost pile
for the rest that wouldn't fit in her truck.

Then they spread it on her garden to be.

Colton looking all macho and tough.

Let me tell you,
Krissy's baby goats are something else!
Both Chyann and Caden want one.

Caden wants the little boy and his name will

Chyann wants Nutmeg and will rename her Nicatoma?
What kind of a name is that?

Here is Chyann helping Krissy feed the babies.

And Yes, I'm the mean ol' mama that wont let them
have goats!

A delicious Mexican dinner followed all the work.
By the time we got home, I had two kids sleeping in the van
that had to be carried to bed.

I'd say a good time had by all.


Aunt Krissy said...

Snake just is not a good sweet baby goat name! Good thing your kids are skinny or that would have been tough getting them to bed.

Anonymous said...

wow... they even delivered the manure?? what nice guys you have! We have a beautiful day starting here. think I may have to leave work early. I got some veggie plants yesterday, but wont be able to plant for at least another week or so. enjoy the heat!

crochet lady said...

I'm going to Klingers tonight to looks for some perrenials.

I think you need some goats.

Lisa said...

You need goats!

PAK ART said...

Aaaahh. kids and kids. I think you need to add a goat to your farm before Kris eats them. Although they don't stay cute for long.