Friday, May 14, 2010

Tree eaters

That is a pretty innocent looking picture of our
cows Marble and Peanut butter.

They are just hanging out enjoying the nice weather,

That's Marble eating my tree!
She totally annihilated every branch she could get into
her mouth!

And that's a red delicious apple tree!!

They've got hay, grain and grass to eat.
Why eat my trees?

Rotten cows...

Yesterday was Caden and Chyann's spring concert at school.

That sure was a lot of fun.
I love going to their programs.

Caden's grade sang a few songs and
Chyann played in the band.

Chyann started marching band practice at school this last
week also. Now both my drumming kids will be in
the local Memorial Day parade and a few other
parades over the summer.

I getting my hair done today and may just
get it all chopped off.
We'll see.

Horses must be ridden today after school
regardless of the weather!
So, let's hope it's nice.
I'm really tired of this dreary wet stuff.

Volleyball tourney tomorrow at a school an hour and a half
away from here.
A lot of parents aren't going so we will be giving rides
to at least four girls.
It's the last tournament and the progress the girls
have made over the season is amazing!

And if it dries out enough to get the truck up to the cow
barn (we live on a hill and it's mucky) all that nice
fertilizer is going to Krissy's house for her garden.



Aunt Krissy said...

Bring on the poop! Hey, I can bring over my goats and we can get rid of your cherry trees too!

tainterturtles said...

I've never heard of cows munching down on an apple tree. Those apple blossoms must taste good.

I use to go to all the kids concerts at school...seems like a LONG time ago!

Shoot, not I'm feeling really old!!!!

~mel said...

I was out blog hopping and just happened to land here. I enjoyed the visit! Cow munching the apple trees ~ I have the same problem; but I have no cows... just deer and bear in the yard.

Lisa said...

My goats love apple trees. And raspberry canes, and blueberry bushes and.....and....and...

So I know how you feel.


PAK ART said...

Sound like the moose eating my lilacs and may day tree. Might be time to eat Peanut Butter and Marble. Or put up fencing around the trees but that's work.

crochet lady said...

I guess the blooms and bark must taste like apples.