Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home sweet home

Made it home from ND on Monday evening.

It was about 1300 miles round trip.
We had good driving weather and gas prices were
on average 2.67 a gal.

There was a lot of road construction on the 694 bypass
for Minneapolis/St Paul and in the Fargo area.

It was wonderful to see all the Hubby's relatives.
They are a great bunch of folks.

The graduation made me cry, a lot.
Makes me cringe to think of how I'll handle
Colton's next year.

Colton did not burn the house down while we were gone.
With the exception of the kitchen floor needing to be
swept, the house looked like it did when I left.
Except VERY HOT!

(ND weather was cool, wet and blustery
nothing like the hot and humid weather in WI)

He only had a few windows open and it smelled vaguely
of dirty socks and cat box. Lovely I know.
Humidity and a cat box than needs cleaned out are
not the best combination.

All the windows were immediately opened and
the floors mopped.
Much better!

Got about half of the garden planted last night.
We'll try to get the rest in by the weekend.

Anyway, it's good to be home.

This picture was taken in Carrington, ND.


Aunt Krissy said...

Yes! You're back! I'm sure you will fall apart when it's Coltons turn. I will take pics of you with snot running down out of your nose.

crochet lady said...

Home is a good place to be. Glad you had nice time though.

Lisa said...

Trips are always fun. But it's fun to be back home.

Dar said...

Kellie, This is my first visit and I have to say, I feel right at home. I know what it's like to leave a teenager 'home alone' and the relief when you walk in and see that everything is really quite alright. It makes us realize we must be doing Something right.
I love your Jennifer Rain, the lil 'kids', contented cows mowing your apple tree, Bugsy is a hoot and your lil whitefaced header. Yup, I feel right comfortable here. I will have to send my sisters Mel and Cher, over. Cher misses Alaska too.
Have a great rest of the week. I do know how busy a hobby farm can be. You have to be there for one animal so you might as well have a barn full.