Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother

Yesterday, Mother's Day was also my
Mothers Birthday!

My Mother is the best!

She is the Queen of Scrabble, triple word scores every time!
She is the best biscuit and gravy maker, EVER!
She has a great sense of humor, sharp wit with a sly smile!
She likes her Baileys and coffee, yummy!
She has the best hugs!

She always understands EVERYTHING!
(when did she get so smart?)

Mom and me back in 89'

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day Mom!

I miss you!
And I love you more than I can ever say!

Wish I was there to make you a cake!

P.S. It was my Brother and SIL's 18th anniversary also..


PAK ART said...

You look very much like your mom - she sounds like a wonderful mom! Biscuits and gravy is a good talent to have!

Lisa said...

I love the 80's do!

Aunt Krissy said...

Next time your mom comes up she will have to do some cooking for us!

Like the hair do!

Anonymous said...

You'll need to post a more recent picture next time! Glad you had a great mother. She is a sweetie!

crochet lady said...

Such a nice post about your mom. Love the old pic. I remember having a hair style similar to yours.

tainterturtles said...

Oh my Kellie, you look so young...were you a teenager in 1989?

You and your mom really do look alike. Hope mom had a good birthday.