Friday, May 21, 2010

Road Trip

Our nephew in North Dakota is graduating from
High School on Sunday.

We are leaving early tomorrow morning.
It will be a fast trip.
Arriving back home Monday evening.

Colton is going to stay home alone!

He has a commitment to play with the band
in our school's graduation
and a few other things he can't miss.

This shall be interesting.

He's never stayed home alone. I'm not really worried
because he's not into the whole party scene, but
does like to get together with friends
to play music/video games and all that.

He just has to make sure the house is as clean
when I get home as it will be when I leave tomorrow.

Now if it were me?
I'd have a huge party!

This would be Jennifer Rain taking a nap in the small garden.

When we get home I'll be putting the rest of the garden in
and the horses will be banned from the backyard.


crochet lady said...

Hope you have a good trip and the son doesn't get into any trouble while your gone. I remember a few things I did when my parents took off for a week when I was in highschool....

tainterturtles said...

Don't worry mom, Colton will be fine. Just tell him not to burn any candles while your gone, hee, hee!

Horses always look funny when they are laying down sleeping.

lani said...

well yeah the horse likes the nice warm dirt....go dig somewhere else the pony me rolllllllllll

PAK ART said...

I didn't know horses would lay down and stretch out like that. For some reason it doesn't look comfortable at all. Maybe the big belly sticking up.