Thursday, May 6, 2010

Horse tales and nice smells

Chyann and I have been doing a bit of riding.

She is riding Gypsy and I get Scotch.
Gypsy has been a dream for Chyann, which is good.
Builds her confidence and all that.

Scotch is doing somewhat better.
We've been doing a lot of ground work and that has helped,
but not so much that I think respect is his only problem.
Nothing physical seems to be the issue either.
Could be he is just stubborn and I'm not mean enough
to make him mind.

We'll keep working him and see what happens.
He has scared the shit out of me more than a few times,
but I've managed to outmaneuver him so far.

This picture is looking South from our backyard.

(Those are Scotch's fuzzy ears)

We are going up to the trainers place to ride Jenny tonight.
Let's hope that goes well.

This tree is finally blooming.
I think it's a crab apple tree.
It gets small red berry/apple looking fruit on it.

The flowers are just beautiful!

The lilacs are really starting to smell!

The hedge of lilacs behind the barn are the only ones this
mature. The other lilacs are probably at least another
week from blooming.

I love this time of year!
Except for the wind!
Man, it was soo windy yesterday!
Felt like I was back in Cold Bay!


Lisa said...

That looks like so much fun. I want a horse!!

Aunt Krissy said...

My lilacs have not come in like that at all! I wonder if my goats ate them up?

tainterturtles said...

Heck, I think we're back in winter again. I'm wondering if I should turn the heat back on...geez.

PAK ART said...

Your place is just beautiful. Someday I too will have horses, rolling hills and flowering trees. It's my dream!