Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy, busy weekend

The weekend sure flew by fast!

Friday night while eating dinner my Hubby says
check out that bird hanging out on the Elm tree.
(the elm tree is right outside our dining room window)

It was a gorgeous blue/orange/tan bird.
After we ate I took the screen out of the window and
set up my camera to get some pictures of that guy.

I managed to get quiet a few nice pictures of him and
his mate bringing food to their nest.

Very cool, right?
Well for some reason I am unable to download the pictures!
I use an SD card and plug it into my printer to get
the pictures to my computer
and the computer says there is nothing on the SD card.

Camera says it's got pictures on it tho??

Not sure what the scoop is, but bottom line
is no pretty birdy pictures today or until
whenever I figure out the problem.

Saturday we went up North for Chyann's last Volleyball
game. The school sent home mapquest directions
for us. Which was a good thing because I thought
the school we were going to was about an hour and
a half to the East.

I followed the directions given and guess what?
They were wrong twice!!
No kidding.

The map said turn right on 5th ave NE,
but it was really 55th ave NE
the address of the school was given, but
the turn off for the school wasn't.

We ended up going to the next town and getting
directions from a nice gal at the gas station.

It never occurred to me that mapquest might
be wrong. I guess in the future I'll get directions
from two different sources to be sure.
No pictures of the games, of which they won 2 matches.

Chyann and I rode horses Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
I've been riding Jenny and she has done sooo good.
I can't believe how much she has improved.
No pictures of that either.

I did get my hair cut and highlighted on Friday too.
Didn't get it as short as I thought I would, but it's still
shorter than I've had it in recent memory.

And man is it blond!
My hair cut gal asked if I wanted to go lighter and I said
nope, same as we did the last time.
I am sure it wasn't this color though.

It's so light I look tan
and I'm not.
The kids think I look strange.
No picture of the new hair either.

Got the lawn mowed finally!

Some sections and I'm not joking
were at least a foot tall!

Very slow mowing with the grass that tall.
No pictures of that either.

Can you tell I'm very irritated that I can't figure out
my picture problem?

I should just get a new camera.

Happy Monday!

Never got the cow barn cleaned out.
Still too wet, hopefully Wednesday.


Aunt Krissy said...

Sure, we just have to take your word that you did all that this weekend?

PAK ART said...

I'm looking forward to seeing all the pictures! Take a pic of Kris too - I want to see her new hairdo. The horse riding sounds like it's going wonderfully!