Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to the school routine

We got Colton off for school at UWRF yesterday.
He will be a Junior this year.
Lot's of new opportunities on the horizon for him.
He's even opening a chapter of Pheasants Forever.

This morning we got Chyann and Caden off for school
Chyann didn't even mind taking a picture with her brother this year.

As a big 6th grader Caden gets to experience the coolness of having a locker for the first time.
Check out that backpack - it's ginormous!
What's with the popularity of fluorescent colors?!?!
Most every kid was dressed in clashing bright stuff.
Some outfits hurt your eyes to look at lol

Daddy-O giving some comb pointers.

And he is in.

2 Juniors and a sixth grader.

If they stay on track we'll be having 2 graduation parties in 2016.

I miss the kids already.

Football starts this week too.

It does fly, I tell you.


Nikker said...

Oh, no! Now I'm going to have dreams about not being able to open my locker at school! LOL!!
That poor kid needs to borrow one of my mini donkeys to pack that backpack around!!

Nicole said...

It's crazy to me that your kids start school so late in the year... maybe we just start early around here. That is a huge backpack and it already looked full. He might break his back if he fills it to max capacity!... lol... j/k.