Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday news

Half way through the week.
Otherwise known as humpday.

I found this great blog for recipes recently.
This gal Jamie has tons of easy, have on hand ingredient recipes.
So far this week I've made three of her dishes and they've all been fantastic!
Check her out, you'll be glad you did. 

After tons of deliberation and dithering this weekend we are getting a new chimney put up.
Course first, the old one has to come down.
Yesterday we spent hours digging two feet down and three feet around the old one to prepare the site. and damn I'm sore today.
Colton will be coming home this weekend just in time to assist in this venture - lucky him right lol

Caden has been practicing a lot for the PPK competition that is in October sometime, still haven't heard a for sure date yet. 
School for him this year is good. He likes most of the teachers and is adjusting to the whole locker and switching rooms for every subject thing pretty well. 

Chyann is on student council again and is busily preparing for all the homecoming festivities next week as well as working a minimum of five hours after school every day. One week of work officially done and she is still liking it. I however am quite glad the job will not last long. I'd rather she burn the candle for homework rather than actual work. 

Dodger got neutered on Monday. 
He is doing well. 

Our weather is turning a bit warmer thankfully. 
I am not ready for cool temps yet. 
I also didn't get a damn thing on my to do list accomplished this weekend. 
Decided to hang out with friends instead.
Which for me, as a stay at home worker, was very much needed.
Hope to do it again soonly :)

I leave you with a cool picture of the sky taken last week.  


Ami said...

That's a beautiful picture.

I hate home improvement projects. I hope yours goes well without complications and doesn't make anyone crazy.

Happy Mid-week... I can't WAIT for the weekend.

Nicole said...

New Chimney... sounds interesting! pictures!!

Nikker said...

GoodNESS you guys are busy! I too would like to see your chimney rebuild.
Glad Dodger is doing well without his "boys".
Amazing picture!!