Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday AM coffee

It's been wet and cool this week. 

All the rivers are full.

I thought about turning on the propane furnace this morning, but didn't.
Some areas nearby had frost warnings last night.
It didn't freeze here, but I bet it was damn close. 

The pool made it through another season of fun and we are covering it today. 
Think I'll also clean up and put away the summer flowers that are done.

Chyann got a job last week working for a corn farmer.
She and three friends are working after school until dark helping get the harvest in.
Poor kid is pooped, but likes the money so she'll keep at it. 
Probably only working for another two or three weeks.
She even took off her nail polish and cut her nails. 
First time we've seen her without "fancy" nails in about a year.

All our apple trees produced a phenomenal amount of fruit this summer.
I got my shoes all wet yesterday picking apples and left them on the porch to dry.
Big mistake.
Freaking Dodger ate them.
My favorite sneakers.
Couldn't get too mad at him, I did leave them out and what the hell I needed a new pair anyhow - yes that is how I rationalized the situation.

He is getting neutered on Monday am. 
Can't wait.



Ami said...

Shoes. WHY do dogs eat them? I wouldn't want to eat something that smells like feet. :)

Nicole said...

Don't you hate when you do something like that? I think you can send some rain our way. I saw that we were supposed to have a wet fall but so far it's been a no go :(