Thursday, September 4, 2014

My best advice

given to my son after we moved him in the dorm on Monday as we sat in a restaurant enjoying lunch.

Out of the blue came these words:

Be good at college ok?

and remember

1 - do not screw up your sleep schedule. you have maintained a smart sleep cycle with the exception of twice all summer long. i do not want to hear that you've been up for 36 hrs plus because i will come and kick your ass.

2 - yes, i know you are going to drink, but keep it to a minimum - i mean it or i will come and kick your ass.

3 - do not do drugs, street type or prescription ones or i will come kick your ass.

4 - eat right. don't be living on junk food. you know it's important to have protein and veggies every day.

5 - no caffeine after noon, because you know it will screw you up. see point 1.

6 - get regular exercise. you'll feel better if you do. it is proven to help relieve stress and facilitates clear thinking. which as a 21 year old you can use a lot of.

7 - you know what a good relationship is. do not get sucked into a bad one. or stay in a bad one when you know it's not right. remember all those times you have said i should have listened to you mom.

8 - always be thinking ahead. do your homework before it becomes a rushed sloppy endeavor that does not reflect how really freaking smart you are.

9 - spend your money wisely. from booze in point 2 and food in point 4, you've got to make it last as long as you can.

10 - be safe. this should be self explanatory, but i will give you some examples of things that keep me awake at night - no drinking and driving. no skateboarding off ramps. no swimming in swift rivers. no unexpected babies. no fighting. no going to jail. or i'll come and kick your ass.

11 - call your mother once in a while and have more than just one syllable answers for her when she asks you questions.

and last but not least - know that we love you more than anything. we want you to be happy and successful in life. we will always be here for you.

snif... i miss him tons already.


Nikker said...

That's some good advice!
I'm going to print it out (because when my kid makes it to college, I'm going to be suffering from OLD age...)!

Nicole said...

Such great advice and I giggled at every time you said you'd kick his ass. It totally works! and the last part about loving him. awe, brought a tear (yes I'm serious not joking!)