Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The wine tasting

My gal pals and I decided to have our own wine tasting since we enjoy them so much and the place in town doesn't host them as often as we'd like. 

We each brought two bottles. 
One less expensive and one on the more expensive side. 
Didn't matter what kind or brand. 
The only real specification was that we couldn't have had it before. 

We also decided it would be a blind tasting.
All the bottles were in brown bags and labeled with a number that way we wouldn't know what was what or even who brought which wine. 
For each bottle we'd write our impression of it down and give it a star rating. 
Course as the night went on everything tasted fantastic so the star rating didn't end up meaning much to me. Everything was a 4 or 5 lol

The ladies and I. 

Our selections. 

We all decided we liked red wine better than white. 
Only 2 of the 8 were something other than red. 
We all like smooth the less sweet/dry wine best.
And discovered that price was definitely not a factor in what we liked. 
In fact one of the cheapest wines was a favorite. 

We'll definitely be doing this again. 
Hell of a good time!

Here's to a fantastic week :)


tainterturtles said...

What a great idea Kellie. Love the photo too!

Anonymous said...

Kellie, I am so sorry I missed the fun....mom

Nikker said...

What a super idea!!
Now I feel better about not hating boxed wine. LOL!
Reds are my favorites, but I like sweet. (0:

Nicole said...

That sounds like fun! My friends and I all prefer the white wines.. Our favorite is Moscato di Asti (imported from Italy).