Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

The evenings come so much earlier now that we've passed the mid point of September.

The allergy causing ragweed is everywhere.
We've got a clump out back by the compost area that is alive with bees.
I was out there yesterday and the bees buzzing was amazingly loud.
Made me a bit anxious to know there were so many of them in such close proximity to where the Hubby was working, but I suppose he can't let the possibility of being stung stop him from doing what needs to be done now that he is allergic to them. 

Our favorite apple tree is so heavy the branches seem in danger of snapping from all the weight.
I've got my first batch of rhubarb wine doing it's thing and as soon as I can rack it I'll be trying an apple wine recipe from these apples. 

Everyday I watch this maple tree from my office window.
I'm fascinated by the changes that seem so subtle one day and then the next whole sections have turned.

We got the chimney done yesterday; it was an all day affair. 
I'll post some cool before and after pictures this week.

Colton is home this weekend and it's been wonderful having him here.
He has literally been doing homework most of the time he's awake.
Apparently he has hours of work to do everyday.

It's cool and blustery today.
Makes me want to make thick soups or bake some squash.

Have a good one :)

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Nicole said...

Oh it looks like you guys have started getting the fall leaves. I have friends waiting on them so I can take photos for them... oy Where did summer go?