Thursday, September 4, 2014

Seriously hammered

with rain.
Not even kidding.
In less than 24 hrs we've gotten almost 5.5" of rain!

Which as you can imagine resulted in some issues.

Like the barn being flooded with sand.
Yes sand.
Apparently our soil is mostly sand, unless enriched with some horse/cow poop and that sand is easily washed out.
We've literally got four inches of sand that will need to be removed from the barn.

Lots of 10 - 12" deep holes perfect for breaking a horse leg in.

Too many erosion trails to count.

man o man

What a day.
The storms started last night and were major boomers. 
Kept the Hubby up, but not me. 
I snoozed through them all. 
The storms today though really rocked the house with thunder.
I had to go out and pump water off the pool twice - the water was literally pouring over the sides.
I figured with my luck that the damn side would give way when I was pumping out the water. 
Got lucky this time I guess. 

A little water in the basement and a section of the driveway washed out too. 
fun fun


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Nicole said...

All these places getting flooded with rain and yet there are other places in drought. We're not in drought but it's pretty darn dry. Our hay scorched :(