Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Before and after

 This side of the house sure looks naked without all the bushes and plants I had over there.
We pulled them all up in preparation of the chimney coming down. 
It doesn't look too bad from afar,


but the closer you get the worse it is.
The crew that took it down were amazed that it didn't fall onto the roof.
They said it was so unstable a good wind would have pushed it over the edge.
We got lucky it seems.

Sure didn't take them long to tear it down.
Apparently there were obvious defects in the previous workmanship in how it was assembled and that is why is deteriorated as it did.

Now we've got to figure out what do do with the rubble - I was surprised they didn't haul it off, but that is not part of the service.

I don't know if I could go up and down that rigging like they did. 
Up and down, up and down - hell I'd probably fall off. 

The finished product and it should last for generations they say.

The wood arrived yesterday so I guess we are set for winter, but lets not talk about that just yet.

Happy humpday :)


Anonymous said...


Nicole said...

Oh wow, looks nice. I forgot you were replacing your chimney!

Ami said...

Holy crap, I am so glad it didn't fall down!!! The new one looks nice, too.

Nikker said...

Yikes! That old thing really was in bad shape. Sure glad it "waited" to come down.
I could never go up and down scaffolding either... I'm not a clutz until it's the worst possible time. Then suddenly I can't walk and chew gum.
Hurray for fire wood...once it's cut, split, stacked, and keeping you warm!