Sunday, August 31, 2014

Foggy AM and more

It's foggy and humid out this morning.

We've had a little over 2" of rain this week and the pool is super full.
I need to pump a little water off and vacuum up some leaves that managed to get in.

My favorite picture taken this AM.
Gypsy and her shadow White Face.

Right now is the perfect riding weather.
If Chyann didn't have friends over I'd go wake her up so we could go.
We sure haven't done as much riding as I'd like this summer.
I hope we can make up for that this fall. 
I can't believe tomorrow is September already.
Wish winters would go by as fast as summers do.

I've got canning on my agenda today.
All that rain cracked a good portion of my ripe tomatoes so I need to get them processed before they go south on me.

I had planned on canning yesterday, but ended up having an impromptu get together instead with Caden's baseball coaches and their families.
The Dad's had talked about doing something all summer and for whatever reason it all came together yesterday.
I made a salsa fantastic macaroni salad from Pioneer Woman.
Try it.
You'll LOVE it.
A great twist on a summer staple.

Yes, I also got stung by something on the foot yesterday while tidying up the yard.
But all is well. 
Hurts like a bitch and a little red - thankfully just a mild reaction.

I'm off to pick some veggies.
later :)


Nikker said...

That picture is really frame worthy!
I love it too.
Salad looks awesome, have never tried anything from Pioneer Woman's site that I haven't liked. Think I'll have to give it a whorl!!

Summer has gone tooooo fast for sure...

Nicole said...

I'm not sure why but I read that as you were off to whack some veggies.. ha! OY! I've been up since 4 since baby girl decided she needed to eat or something like that.