Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday AM coffee

August already.
Doesn't seem like we've had a lot of summer just yet.
I'm hoping we'll get some of those fabled "dog days" of summer this month.

Colton has been on a camping adventure in the "North Woods" (northern wi) with a bunch of friends since Wednesday.
He said he'd check in once in a while while he was gone and of course he hasn't been in contact since the day after he left. I'm sure he's fine, but there have been some whopper storms go through that area just about every day that have dropped massive hail, caused flash floods and had extreme winds. So you know me, I'm gonna worry some.

A first for Chyann the other night. One of her friends showed up here and invited her to go to a neighboring town that is having their summer fair and hang out. She asked me if she could go and I said ask your Dad. Cuz I knew he'd say no and it wouldn't be me being the mean parent. Imagine my surprise when she comes back in the house to get her purse because Dad said she could go. She was only gone for a few hours and had a great time, but you know that one thing is the start of her wanting more independence. sigh.

No big plans for the weekend here. I'm not even going to mow. Might work on cleaning out the barn - maybe. I'd rather go shopping or hit some thrift sales though. Decisions decisions. Until I decide I'll just sit here and enjoy my coffee. Have a good one.


Dar said...

Thanks for stoppin by Kellie. We have been having some crazed weather. One second the sun is beating us into the house and the next it's chilly and storming. I'm sure Colton is having the time of his life with his friends. Some of the campgrounds up here are so remote that there is no cell service. Has he used that one yet?
kidding---kids don't seem to worry, do they. That's the job of us moms and grandmas. Same for your Chyann...they do grow independent in a hurry. Empty nesting will come so fast, just ask me.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Tell Cal how hard that was for him I know how hard that was for him and he pulled it off just fine,I know was harder than pulling teeth.went to the zoo finally today.I think I walked at least 3 or 4 miles thank God for watching the animals for short brakes.I must say I maded it.
so tired I did let Gerry get the car.That may not sound like much,But let me tell you.It was so hard.

Nicole said...

That would be quite scary with the storms blowing through and not hearing from Caden. I'd worry too. I don't like the philosophy no news is good news! So I hope everything went good for him :). Okay so Chyann is 16 right?

Anonymous said...

Good morning, good morning.