Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cooling off

Shasta getting some swim time in with Caden.

Dodger jumping off the side of the porch to

come around the other side briefly

and back up on the porch.
He watches intently.
Really wanting to get in, but can't quite bring himself to jump in.
So he watches.

The Hubby says he thinks the pool has a hole in it somewhere because it's always needing a half inch. of water.
I say maybe it does BUT it  could be that the chemical level is off and therefor allowing for more evaporation or the amount the kids splash out when they get to thrashing in it and I'm sure Dodger leaning in and getting a drink doesn't help either. 
Let's hope it doesn't actually have a hole.
Because I don't know that we'd replace it if it does.
Then what, I do not know.
Until then me and the kids will continue to enjoy it.


tainterturtles said...

The dogs look like their having fun. Can they get out of the water by themselves?

This is perfect weather for swimming.

Nicole said...

Looks like the pooches were having fun but so was Caden!