Monday, August 11, 2014

My new thing

The first Saturday in August we spent the day going to thrift sales.
Towards the end of the day we happened upon a sale that had a wine making kit.
It said make offer on it for a price. 
I've thought for a while now it would be pretty fun to make wine, but haven't really done any research into getting started doing it so I had no idea what the kit would be worth BUT I knew I only  had about 30 bucks left cash. 
So I said to the guy would he take 30?
He thought about it and then said he paid over a hundred for it and someone offered him 50 yesterday so he'd want 40. 
Well sorry I only had 30.
We left. 
The Hubby says we'll run to the bank and get more cash.
I said naah, don't worry about it.

We get home that night and of course all I can thing about is that wine kit.
It might have been my big deal of the summer. 

Next morning I surf the internet and find that just one of the big glass carboys could go for 50 bucks a piece.
Dang it.
I wondered if the garage sale was open Sunday.
Around here most sales are on Thru, Fri and sat - rarely sundays.

I finally found the add and of course it wasn't going to be open on Sunday BUT there was a link to email the folks who placed the add. 
Imagine my surprise that within a few minutes I had a response.
It wasn't her wine kit, but a neighbors and she'd talk with them to see if the kit was still available then get back to me.
That night I finally heard that it was available and we could pick it up tomorrow!
YAY I'm super excited!
There will be wine making in my future!

Next day the Hubby stops there after work and no one is home at the address we were given, but the gal I talked to via email noticed him at the neighbors place and goes out to talk to him saying she can't believe the neighbors weren't home after they told her this would be a good time to get the kit.
Anyhow he gives the neighbor our phone number and says we'll if they want to sell it, have them give us a call.

Then nothing for days.
I assumed they had decided to just keep the kit.
No biggie, but dang I kicked myself for not just getting the damn kit when I had the chance. 

Imagine my surprise when the phone rang days later and it was the guy with the kit saying sorry about not being home something unexpected came up and did I still want the kit?


and went to get it right then.

4 gallon carboys, 2 giant (6 or 8 gallon I think) carboys, a fermenting bucket that is stuffed with wine making essentials all for a whopping 40 bucks!
Definitely the deal of the summer!

I've been doing a lot of reading on how to make wine, what all the gadgets do and even what all I might still need to make a batch. 

There is a shop in Eau Claire that has wine making class for beginners so I think I'll enroll and see what's what.

I'm excited to start!


Nikker said...

Home made wine is sooo good! Hope you blog your wine making adventures! I've got a neighbor that makes moonshine- really small quantities for fun, but boy howdy is it good... In a nitro kind of way! LOL!!

Nicole said...

How flipping awesome is that?