Sunday, August 24, 2014

Salsa and more

While picking my tomato's yesterday morning I had the biggest HEEBIE JEEBIE moment!
Reaching in to get a clutch of carolina golds and I notice something unusual draped throughout the area.
It's a snake skin about 18" long!!
Talk about gross.
Snakes crawling over and around my tomatoes.
Sure it's nature and the garden is outside, but still ish.

Yes, it's true I'm a wuss about some things - I gave that tomato to Dodger instead of using it in my salsa.

I ended up with 5 pints of sweet med yellow and 6 pints of med hot red.
A good day's work.
Wouldn't you know it too, my new food processor showed up just as I was done and cleaning up the kitchen. 
It's a monster. Going to be a breeze chopping shit with that.

This morning while surfing for a recipe I came across this article regarding changes in canning lids.
Apparently the gasket in the lids used to contain BPA - they've removed that nasty chemical and replaced it with a material called plastisol which if heated too much can cause the gasket to thin out give you a poor seal that wont last long. 

Who knew?
Not me - yes I simmered my lids yesterday. 
These first batches of salsa never last long so I'm not worried about the seals lasting; however I will be more conscious about how much I heat my lids going forward. 


We lost our calf a few weeks ago due to unknown causes. 
The Hubby is very bummed.
Mama cow was inconsolable.
We put her in with the horses and that has helped her considerably.
She and Gypsy have become good buddies.
The Hubby says he is getting out of the cow business this fall.
He is done.
 Which is good and bad.

Supposed to get up to 92* today with a real feel of 100* due to the high humidity. 
Sounds like a day to spend in the pool. 

later aligator


Dar said...

yes, eek to the snake skin...I'm not a snake fan either. The salsa looks wonderful. If only the hail hadn't destroyed my tomatoes., so I'll be buying by the bushel this year.
Sorry to hear about your calf. It's always tough loosing an animal, reason known or not. We lost one still carrying her calf once, due to a dark night and a fun butchering in the middle of a black night.
Such is life on the farm....thankful to only be gardeners now. ( I do miss the critters tho.)

Nicole said...

I didn't know that... and to be honest I don't know or remember anyway what bPA is...