Sunday, August 10, 2014

Going Batty

The week started off with a knock at my bedroom door at 2am.
Chyann stood there in the dark with her phone - which has a flash light on it apparently.
She says Mom there's a bird in the attic, listen to this - at which point she plays a recording of what sounds like a bird flapping and running into walls then making the occasional squeak.
Not much to do about the situation at 2am right?
Go back to bed. 
Next day the Hubby goes on the bird hunt in the attic, only to discover a bat hanging upside down and snoozing. He got a jar and gently put him in it. That evening right at twilight he and Caden went and released him near the barn. 
Colton said he thought it was a brown bat, which are quite beneficial in eating insects like wasps and moths.

My garden is doing pretty good. 
I'm eating tomato's everyday. 
Haven't had enough ripe at once to make anything with yet. 
All that wet we had at the beginning of the summer sure got the lady apple to tree on the right growing and it is now shading a row of tomato's.  Course that row isn't doing the best. It's got a lot of good sized fruit, but nothing ripe and the plants are noticeably smaller than the other row. Definitely going to have to trim the tree back this fall. I'd do it now, but its loaded with fruit and with my luck I'd end up killing the tree. 

I've got the itch to start canning.
 I got my jars sorted and arranged yesterday and even found a few jars in the way back of my cabinet from 2011, which I disposed of. Can't imagine how they hid from me for so long.
From last years harvest I have a total of 1 quart and 1 pint of salsa left, eight kosher pickles, two relishes and two jalapenos. 
 In addition to salsa, I think I'll try my hand a ketchup.


Ol' Dodger now he loves apples.

I've been trying to get him on video.
He does the funniest thing I've ever seen a dog do.
He'll jump up into the apple tree branches, pick an apple then throw it up in the air - fetch it himself and roll on it. Repeat about a dozen times and finally eat the apple. 
The whole time he'll be squealing and barking in delight.


Three weeks until school starts. 
I think all the kids are ready to get back into the routine or maybe they just really like the whole school shopping part. Gotta have new shit ya know. 


All else is well here. 
later :)


Ami said...

I definitely need to see the video of Dodger doing the apple thing! How funny.

And I'm glad your hubby caught the bat and put it outdoors. So many people kill them because they're afraid of them. Very sad, they're gentle and beneficial little things.

Hope you have a great week!!

Nikker said...

I too would like to see Dodger eating an apple! (0:

Bats are pretty cool! Glad you saved it!

Seems too early for back to school...and I've been out for 21 years! LOL!!

Nicole said...

Either y'all start school late or we start school early! Heck in CA they started the first week of August in some places! Crazy! How nuts is it that you had a bat! And I want to see video!