Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

We finished the hay yesterday, about an hour before it started raining.
In total we got 441 bales!
The barn is full.
That is satisfaction.
Knowing you've got enough hay for the winter plus a bunch, maybe even enough for a year or more. 
Isn't that aweseome?!?!

Never lost a bale while driving home either and the truck/trailer were loaded heavy every trip.
The most we got on the truck was 46 and on the trailer was 110.
The old green truck can sure pull a load and to think Caden was driving it most of the time loaded like that. 

Found a salamander while unloading in the barn. 

The last haul out was light compared to previous loads, only 49.

So glad we are done with hay for a long while.
Now we can start thinking about getting wood for winter. 

I'll be making my first batch of salsa this morning. 
I almost had the day off from work on Thursday due to a power then internet outage and was going to make it then, but right as I was going to start skinning the tomato's the internet was restored so it was back to work for me. 
Bummer cuz I was all geared up to do it.

Alrighty then. 
I'm off to make the salsa. 
Have a good one!


Nikker said...

Glad you're done with haying! We put up rounds, so it's little to no physical effort! I don't miss haying, yet my soggy body does if you know what I mean! LOL!
I had a friend drop by some home salsa and tomatoes. Ymmmy!

Nicole said...

It is a great feeling knowing you have hay! How would they have known if your internet came back... lol :).

tainterturtles said...

Oh my, that's a lot of hay bales.

We haven't started making salsa yet, but my girlfriends tomatoes are almost ripe, so salsa making will happen soon.

I love your green truck!!!