Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's hay time...

If you are a large animal owner you know that having a barn full of hay is the absolute best feeling in the world. 
The last few years we haven't had good hay crops in our area so what was available was quite expensive. 
Which is what precipitated the Hubby's decision to sell off most of the cows last fall. 

Imagine our surprise when a good friend of ours said we could have their hay that they didn't need since they no longer had horses for the price of gas and bailing twine.

I was giddy with excitement when I heard the news. 

Yesterday after work we started.
First load home was 85 bales.
We had Chyann driving the truck while The Hubby, Caden and I stacked and loaded.
This was kind of an ugly load, that trailer is funky.

Course for the next load Chyann had somewhere to be so it was up to Caden who had NEVER driven the truck before to drive while the Hubby and I loaded and stacked. 
He did a hell of a good job.

Our load as we were heading home from the second trip.
Don't know how many we ended up with on this load since we ran out of daylight while unloading, but I bet it's 130.

And we've got a lot more bales to get today.
I'm guessing 350+.
Our barn will never have been so full before.
We are stacking tight and it'll probably be up to the ceiling before we are done.  

Caden and Shasta taking a water break. 
Today I think he is going to bring Dodger.

Surprisingly I'm not even sore today. 
I do however have some serious allergy congestion going on which is what woke me up waay too early this am. 
Wishing Colton and Chyann were around this weekend to lend a hand, but what do you do. We'll get it done. 

Happy hay day folks!


Nikker said...

Hay, it runs our lives or so it feels. What a great score, and fantastic neighbors!

Nicole said...

Ah the fun of learning to drive in a hayfield! It does kids good! I'm glad you got Caden out there driving. I learned in a hayfield when I was 4 years old :)