Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday AM coffee

What a week. 

Something about our weather conditions this summer have resulted in our having an abundance of bees, hornets, yellow jackets, wasps and other stinging type bugs.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that our five apple trees are having bumper years?
Or that we have an incredible amount of wild plum trees putting fruit out?

Whatever the cause, I know they are amazing critters, but damn they can sure cause havoc. 

For example this hive was found under the big green truck that weekend we did hay.
No one got stung and we got it removed from the truck safely.

We weren't as lucky last Sunday night when the Hubby was moving some wood around.
He got stung twice on the right calf.

He immediately began to have a mild reaction to the sting, but he "was fine" and didn't want any benadryl. 

However about 20 minutes later he changed his mind when he began itching like crazy and appeared to have hives - he then took a giant dose of benadryl.

At this point I told him maybe we should get him to the doctor for a shot of antihistimine.

Keep in mind I don't know much about allergic reactions, other than if you "can't breathe" you are having a bad reaction and get to the ER or call 911, right? I think that's about the most lay people know about it unless they have had experience with such situations. 

I shouldn't have mentioned shot maybe, cuz he is a big chicken about needles, he say's no the benadry is working he is fine - I can breathe just fine.

I knew in my gut I should have called 911 since I could not convince him to go to the doctor.

At bed time he took another gulp of benadryl. 
The hives were no worse -see he says, it's working I'll be fine.

He slept very restless.
I kept one eye on him all night - I just had a bad feeling about the whole situation and told myself I'd call 911 if anything went sideways.

Next day he goes to work,
The hives are gone.
He says see I told you everything would be fine.

I get a call from him at 1p.
He says his calf that was stung is outrageously swollen and hot to the touch.
I said go to the doc.
He does.

The doc says after examining him that he had had an anaphylactic episode from the stings based on his symptoms the night before - some of which I did not know about, like the red blotches on his back and the current state of cellulitis infection he had in his leg from the stings.

The doc says he was lucky to have lived through the episode without treatment - course the guy did have about a quarter of a bottle of benadryl so obviously that must have made the difference in saving his life the doc confirmed. 

They gave him a antibiotics, steroids, antihistamine and his very own epi pen shot kit.
How is that for freaking scary?!?!
The guy could have died.

I knew it was bad and he should have had treatment.
but what can you do.
  Now WE KNOW.

So, if you think the symptoms of a serious reaction is only throat swelling, you should check out this site

Yes, I am now better informed and he will be fine.
We all practiced with the trainer shot pen on him too so any of us can administer the shot if needed.

There are a LOT of bees and other stinging critters out there. 
Makes me nervous, but I suppose you/he can't let the potential threat stop him from living life.



Ami said...

Oh that's horrible!! I am so glad you had benadryl on hand. And that the outcome was good, because it could have been very, very bad.

I hate hate hate stinging insects!! Got stung at Matt's wedding, actually. Dammit.

I had a child in my program several years ago who was allergic to just about everything in the universe. It was horrifying.

I had an epi pen for him and took training to make sure I could administer the treatment if necessary.

Nikker said...

OMG! That is frightening!! Glad you posted the link. Good stuff in there!!