Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fantastic feats

 I've mentioned a time or two that Caden has been involved in a football camp over the summer.
He's had a lot of fun.
Last night was their last practice.
Before the practice however they had a Punt, Pass and Kick competition that is sponsored by the NFL.

Caden and one of his buddies signed up for it.

It's an interesting concept.
They lay out a LONG ruler type thing.
The kids stand at the line and start with the pass.
However far off the ruler line the ball hits the ground they measure out to the balls first hitting point - then take that measurement OFF from the total.
For example you threw a ball 5 foot, but it landed 1.5 feet from the line you'd get 3 foot taken of your original score of 5 foot for a total score of 2 feet. They do the tally in inches, but that is the gist of how they score. 
Your total scores from each event are then totaled and whoever got the most inches wins the competition.

Giving it his all for the pass

and the kick.
He punted too, but that pic was a bit of a blur. 

We thought he'd be in the 10-11 year old bracket since he is eleven, but since his birthday is in October and that's when the final competition is held he was moved to the 12 - 13 year old bracket.
Which worked out well - his buddy won the 10-11 bracket and Caden won the 12 -13 bracket!
Both boys were just thrilled to have won!

They'll be moving on to the next stage of competition in October down in LaCrosse, WI.
From there its the state competition and then who knows maybe he'll be getting a trophy during a Packer game. 

Exciting times for sure ;)


Ami said...

How cool is that!!??


Nicole said...


tainterturtles said...

Darn, I forgot to tell Caden congratulations tonight. Please tell him I'm excited for him!

Nikker said...

How cool!!!
Congrats to both the boys!!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope he gets to go to the packers happy for him