Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday AM coffee

 It's been a long week. 

I got my first batch of salsa and tomato sauce done last Sunday.
Some how I managed to forget that at the end of last canning season my food processor broke, so I ended up using my little 2 cup blender attachment food processor for chopping the tomato's.
It worked just fine, but sure made the tomato part a long ass process. 
First batch is a mild sweet yellow salsa. It looks pretty cool not having any red tomato's in it.

 I've got a new giant 12 cup food processor ordered and it should be here by Tuesday and even without the new food processor I'm making another batch or two of salsa today. 
The tomatos are ready and there's no way am I going to let them go to waste since most folks in our area are having a dismal tomato season. I'll get what all I need done then see if anyone wants the rest. 

I totally crashed from exhaustion on Monday after work. 
I think it took me until Wednesday to recover from hauling hay and canning.

I managed to get some kind of hay rash on my forearms that made my arms welt and incredibly itchy. Sure was a pain in the ass. Thankfully it resolved quickly.

The last half of our week has been hot and humid as hell. 
Dodger likes to lay on the garage floor to cool off. 
Silly guy takes that ball with him everywhere and if he miss places it he'll just haul around an apple. 
He has picked a few green ball sized tomatos and attempted to use them for fun as well, but doesn't like how they taste as much as the apples apparently.

While doing dishes the other night I looked out the window and got a grand surprise!
A gorgeous Sandhill Crane!
It didn't hang around long - glad I manged to get a few pictures before it flew off.

Colton has one week of work left, then it's back to school for him. 
It's been wonderful having him home again.

Alright, I'm off to get this tomato thing started. 
Have a good day!


Lisa said...

I'm hoping all my tomatoes ripen at the same time, cause salsa would be good right about now!

Nicole said...

I could go for some salsa right now. I'm hungry. I ate lunch (ha) at 9am...