Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday?

I think NOT!

Bummer Caden's first ball game was cancelled today due to the rain.

We've sure had a lot of rain lately, coming up from the massive storms down South.
The worst tornado from Monday was only about 30 minutes North East of my Mother and Gerry's place. 
I can't even imagine it. 
The pure devastation that area endured. 
Definitely a reminder for us all to count our lucky stars.

Not a lot going on around here.
I got my garden and two flower beds weeded and cleaned out finally. 

We've made plans to go camping with my friend Sherri and her family this weekend. 
Can't wait!
Hope the weather is relatively nice. 

Colton started his new job and says it's "alright" - whatever that means lol

Have I mentioned before that I'm cheap?
and that I absolutely LOVE thrift sales?
The thrift sale season is upon us!

Mothers Day weekend a nearby town had their annual city wide thrift sale.
I convinced Colton to come with us, we had the best time.

Found some great deals too.
A few clothing items, chain saw (really needed that I'm sure), games, craft type stuff, a beautiful picture that I have no idea where I'll hang, but had to have and my probably my find of the season ------- skis - YES skis!!! remember I was looking for some cross country skis early in the winter and never found any? Well I got a brand new set of skis, poles and BOOTS for 10 bucks!
Now how is that for a smoking deal!
Pictures of this awesomeness to come yet.

Pretty cool dam right in town

We had to break for lunch.
My boys.
Yes Caden has gotten a nice short hair cut since this picture ;)

And when we got home took a little horse ride with my lovely daughter.
Didn't know she ever used a saddle, eh?
Only once in a blue moon that is for sure. 

Anywho, I'm back to cooking dinner. 

Happy Hump day!


Nicole said...

Wow, that is a smokin deal. Poor Caden... there'll be a make up game right? That tornado was super scary to hear about! So, what's for dinner?

tainterturtles said...

Rain,and cool temperatures have been messing things up. Who knows, maybe next week it will be 90 degrees!