Saturday, May 4, 2013


Not even kidding.
We got 15.5 inches of snow on Thursday.

A lot of folks in the area lost power for almost 24 hours.
Thankfully we only lost ours for a few minutes.

Kids had another snowday.
I'm pretty sure they'll be going a few days extra at the end of the year because of all these snowdays.

View of the back porch looking west towards the hot tub. 
On my lunch break I took my broom out and whacked snow from the pine trees that were so weighed down with snow the branches were touching the ground. 

The Hubby clearing a path to the garage.

I had an in-house work day yesterday - man were she roads shitty.
Freezing rain/sleet, then rain the rest of the day.

Was an easy/fun last day on my team. 
We had a
baby shower for a gal, wedding shower for another gal, ordered lunch in - oh and we did actually work a little.
Had to do a transfer of work, a little training on what to do and met with the new boss. 
The gals even got me a card wishing me luck.

I'll be working in the office 6-230p Mon - Wed next week.
There is really no formal training for the job apparently.
I'll be paired up with another auditor to go over the ropes and learn the new systems.
Course the areas I'll be working in are the ones I just came from. 
So, yes i'll be auditing my old team mates. 
It will be fine damn it!

Also yesterday met Colton at the ENT doc's office.
He has to get his tonsils out.
Poor kid has been fighting reoccurring tonsillitis since last May.
Course over the summer months it wasn't much of an issue, otherwise we'd have had it done before school started.
Made for a miserably long first year at school.
Seemed like he'd be fine, get run down just a little (stress of school, being away from home, staying up till all hours with no mom to tell you to get your ass to bed) and BAM tonsillitis.

He couldn't take off time during the school year to get it done, didn't want to miss any classes.
School is out on the 16th and he is scheduled for the operation on the 28th.
The doc says it a 10 day recovery - and don't even try pushing that recovery time, he'll need every day of it.

Happy Birthday to my lovely Alaskan girlfriend Charity!
Miss you xoxo

Later folks :)


Lisa said...

Like our Colombian student would have said,"I think I'm going to cry." If I'd see that much snow, or any snow in April I'd cry.

Oh my word! That is alot of snow for any day, let alone in April. Ack! You poor, poor child.

Nikker said...

Yikes, that's a lot of snow...pretty sure that would have reduced me to a heap of mush in the middle of the floor!
Glad your last day at your "old" job was good! (0: Best of luck (again) in your new position!
Tell Colton, to remember NO dairy product while recovering from his tonsillectomy. The flem (sp?) it creates isn't easy beneficial during recovery. (If his Dr. and the nurses haven't already shared this OR if you didn't already know this. (0:)

Nicole said...

We got the leftovers of your snow storm on Thursday night into Friday morning. We got 3-4 inches an were without power for 7 hours here.