Saturday, May 18, 2013


It's been a hell of a week folks.

Some of the highlights were:

A whirlwind trip to the cities for an appt and stopped in River Falls to see Colton on the way home.
It was fun to see how well liked he is.
We walked around campus and just about everyone we came in contact with said "hey colton".
He is home now, last day was Thursday, with a B average in all his classes.
That's pretty damn excellent if you ask me.

My favorite time of year is also upon us.


Two practices and a scrimmage this week. 
Caden is short stop again this year and doing more pitching.
He is also first up at bat in the batting rotation.
The kid sure grew in the last year, he had to get new cleats and mitt, 
not to mention those very cool long red socks lol

Spring concerts as the school year winds down. 
Graduation was last night.

Still bumbling through my bathroom remodel.
The new tub fixtures have been an issue.
The Hubby has had to hack a hole in the wall to put the controller knob thing in so he can sweat the pipes.
Now we have to find a panel to put over the hole and get it painted.
You will not believe how amazing the cabinet has turned out. 
Soon as it is all put back together I'll post some pictures. 
Getting close thankfully.

Spring totally exploded around us. 
The leaves on the trees and blooms are here.
The grass is intensely green  and actually needs to be mowed in some areas already.
We haven't even gotten the mower out yet so the horses are out snacking daily.
Still haven't cleaned out my flower beds or gotten the garden tilled. 
Because when it's nice I only want to ride horses or brush them. 


My barely one year old dishwasher took a shit.
Very glad we got the extended warranty.
Called up Sears and two days later the repair man arrived.
He was the strangest bumbling repair man ever.
Get this - we purchased the dishwasher for 700, extended warranty for about 125 and the 
total cost for 3 replacement parts?
Not even kidding folks. 
The strange repair man will be back on Thursday with my parts.
Until then it's back to dishpan hands.

And speaking of money
gas prices are jumping all over the place.
Filled up on Wed and it was 3.99
Thur it was 4.19
and Fri saw that it was 4.24!

Talk about getting ripped off at the pump!

Later folks, I've got to get busy doing something!


Aunt Krissy said...

Wow!You have/had lots going on! Sorry to hear about the dish pan hands. I have not used a dish washer in 5 years. I will have to call you and play catch up with you.

tainterturtles said...

You are one busy lady! Hope things settle down so you can enjoy spring. I think you'll feel better when you can get your garden planted.

SunnySD said...

Way to go, Colton! That's an excellent average, especially for the first year when everything's new :)

Gas here hit $4.44 last week - just in time for Memorial day travel. Not that I'm going anywhere, but it sure seems like the hike hits right about the end of May every year.

Nicole said...

That is an excellent average for grades!! And love that people all knew him! Super awesome. Gas prices suck all around. They are screwing us. A few years ago they said they had to raise them because costs were going up and then they showed the biggest profit in 4 years. assholes.