Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday AM coffee

What a week.
I will tell you the BEST part of it first as I drink some coffee.

Caden's ball game was rescheduled and OH MAN was it FANTASTIC!

Caden and his buddies coming out to do some practice swings while the other team gets set up.

He is first up to bat.
The coach says, he puts him out first because he'll get the game started.

I'm always so nervous when he gets up to bat. 
He pounds one out there like it was nothing and books it out to first!

All the boy were anxious about this first game.
The team they played beat them both times last year, but
these boys were determined to change it this year.
They won 8-1!
With Caden hitting three times and coming into home twice!


Triumphant smiles after the game. 

So then the other parts of my week were like this:

Dishwasher parts and repair man show up.
The repair man get all the new stuff installed, starts and stops it a few times seeing that it is filling and draining as it should. 
Pronounces it fixed and leaves.
I'm so excited!
But don't have time to load it and run it because we've got the game to go to.
Next day I'm working and figure I'll start it after work so I can be near as it runs again for the first time, just to make sure all is well. 
I go to start it and the damn thing will NOT WORK!
I am soooo pissed.
Call Sears.
They can't believe after all the money/parts in it that it wont work.
Repair man will be back on freaking Wednesday.
Dishpanhands here we go again.


The hubby is driving my van on Thursday and the check engine light comes on then it starts chugging
He barely makes it home.
Starts in on it right away.
Diagnosis is a rocker arm in the engine broke somehow.
The fix for this is to tear the top of the engine down and replace rocker arms, do some kind of re-threading into the head and replace a gasket or something.
He has been diligently working on it late into the night both Thur and Fri because for the first time in a long ass while we actually have plans to go camping!!
Camping is today.
It is still not fixed.


Fingers crossed it will come together soonly so we can go camping.
We would have probably cancelled the whole trip, but he actually wants to go.
He is going golfing for the first time.
So since he wants to go, I'm betting somehow he'll make it happen that we DO go.

And did I mention the satellite box took a shit?
No? well of course it did.
Replacement came in yesterday
and it doesn't work either.
WTH is up with that.

I'm off to get some food ready for the potential camping expedition.

Side note:
I'm incredibly thankful for a Husband who knows his shit with vehicles.


Nikker said...

Hurray for the baseball victory!! (0:
Fingers crossed you guys got/get to go on you camping trip! Cold and rainy here... I'll be at home with the pellet stove keeping me warm! (0:

Nicole said...

Holy cow! That dishwasher sucks! So glad you guys got the extended warranty. We generally don't.

So awesome that his team won. That was a great win as well!

I've never been camping. My mom's idea of camping was the bed at the Holiday Inn :)

You'll have to let us know if you get to go camping!!

SunnySD said...

Sheesh! What a week - hooray for baseball, and congrats to Caden and the team :)

Hope the camping went off as planned w/o further glitches. Sometimes it seems like all the mechanical stuff starts rebelling at the same time!