Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The new job and other randomness

What can i say.

First few days on the new job are good.

Nice folks,  accommodating new boss, interesting processes and I like learning new programs.
I'm already done with training in-office and worked at home today.
The day flew by.

First actual audit I had to do was for a close friend of mine.
Was very difficult.
But I did what had to be done.
I knew this would happen if I took this job, but that made it no easier.
Spoke with her this evening.
She said don't worry about it. 
Do my job as it needs to be done.
Was hard.

Somehow all that damn snow managed to be melted by Sunday.

The grass is green already and the trees are budding out.
The heat feels incredibly good on my tired winter worn bones.

On lunch today, instead of doing the elliptical I walked outside. 
Even saw a small snake!
Have some freckles popping out now.
Slept with the windows open last night too.
The birds and frogs are making themselves known.

Inquiring minds want to know:

In your opinion, what should the punishment be for shooting out a window with a bow and arrow?
Not a house window, but a shed window.
Any guesses who was the culprit?


Nicole said...

Sounds like you're finally joining the spring weather! Crazy how all that snow was melted by Sunday. Gotta love Spring.

Nikker said...

So glad you're getting Spring at you house!! (0: We've been enjoying it for a few weeks now, also got a bit of pre-summer heat. Maybe a tad earlier than I was ready for, BUT happy to not have snow!
When we were kids, if we broke it we paid for it... But maybe if it were intentional, a little grounding/loosing of item or items/slave labor would have been handed down. But that's coming from a non-parent, so I can only reflect on my parents tactics!
Glad the new job's going well!!

SunnySD said...

Hope the new job continues fine - tough that the first audit had to be a friend, but maybe easier to get it out of the way right off the bat?

Glad to see you're finally getting some SPRING up that way :)