Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Have you ever...

seen such a thing!!

We got the biggest laugh out of this Golden Plump van!
Glad I had my camera.

Colton's operation went well,
however he did have a huge abcess in one of his toncils that was unexpected.
Pain is under controll - so far.
Good thing he is tough.

Dishwasher repair man should be here any time.

Ball game tonight and Caden will be pitching!

Have a great Humpday :)


Nicole said...

HOLY COW or Holy Chicken, what is that?!?! Good his surgery went well and good luck to Caden!

Nikker said...

That first picture made me think of that kid's movie... I think it's called Chicken Run... The non-flighted birds are trying to launch themselves out of the coop so they don't get made into chicken pot pies... I don't know for sure though, I could be wrong. Funny at any rate!! (0:
Hope Colton has a quick and easy recovery!!

Gold'n Plump said...

Thanks for sharing these great photos of our Chicken Cruiser! We love when we can put smiles on peoples' faces!

Anonymous said...

Oh that Goldin Plump truck is funny!

Hope Colton feels better.

SunnySD said...

Is that a window in the chicken's butt? Too funny!