Sunday, May 12, 2013

This, that and Mothers Day

And the answer to who shot out the window with an arrow?
The ever talented Chyann.
She says you can't think I meant to do that?
I say well yes.
She says she was aiming for the broken window that was NEXT to the unbroken pane.
I say WTH were you doing shooting towards ANY buildings or windows?!?.
She got to clean the cow barn all by her lonesome.
Lucky her.

 Last week fairly flew for me.
Every day was busy and engaging.
A wee bit stressful, but as a whole good.

Friday afternoon Caden and I took a walk around the place checking out the new buds on the trees.

I don't know where this recent fascination with the bow and arrow has came from, but he carries it all over never shooting it except at his designated target in the back yard. 

It has dried out enough that we got the three-wheeler out 

and decided to go on a ride through the back trails.

Felt good to be outside.
It was a beautiful day.

Coming back home the horses were super interested in what we were doing.
You can just see Jenny staring in our direction.
Jenny turned 8 on Friday.

Colton got himself a full time job starting on the 20th at a card board manufacturing plant in Chippewa.
They know about his tonsil surgery and are giving him the necessary time off.  
I'm very proud of him for being proactive on the job front. 
Guess I thought he'd wait till after the surgery to even look for a job.
He has a mission to earn enough money to buy a new car before school starts in Sept.

Happy Mother's day to all you Mothers!
Hope you all have a wonderful day :)

I'm off to enjoy mine!


Ami said...

I hope your day is full of love and no more arrows! :)

Love the photos, feels like I'm there. :)

Nicole said...

Crazy how fast y'all have dried out! And poor Chyann but I guess she brought it on herself. She could have had worse punishment I guess :). Happy Mother's Day!!

SunnySD said...

And again, way to go, Colton - good kid you're raising there :)

LOL! OMG - Chyann's trick with the arrow sounds like something I would have done. It always sounded like a perfectly good idea in the moment....